Antique Farm House

Antique Farm House features spectacular unique décor, design inspirations and sales up to 80% off retail. We offer multiple sales events that include furniture, design lines, décor and art products at incredible savings.

1920s FRENCH GLAMOUR! Our 1920s French Glamour Collection is one of our most endeared signature collections! The spontaneous, yet flamboyant elegance of the 1920s inspired us with color, texture and lots of glam. Conjuring up the atmosphere of the 20s, our pieces suggest delectable hints of fun and sweetness. From Classic Mannequin Busts, to metal rolling tables this collection will gently transport you back in time! Enjoy! [Via Pinterest]

Classic 20’s Mannequin Bust - From - [Via Pinterest]

Metal Rolling Cart - From - [Via Pinterest]

Exquisite Metal Stacking Containers, Set of 3 - From - [Via Pinterest]

Huckleberry Wood Chair - From - [Via Pinterest]

Beaded Chandelier-Shaped Ornament, Set of 2 - From - [Via Pinterest]

Metal Jewelry Holder With Wood Base - From - [Via Pinterest]

Mirrored Tray With Ribbon - From - [Via Pinterest]

Mirrored Tray With Ribbon - From - [Via Pinterest]

Chalkboard Banner, Set of 2 - From - [Via Pinterest]